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I have been training and breeding parrots for sale for more than 8 years. Have been breeding and raising birds for most of our lives. I began by carefully planning all of these years and now I am producing some of the finest Macaw, Cockatoo, African Grey, Amazon, and Cockatiel that can be found in the the world.


We sell parrots of the highest quality health and basic ability in their DNA. We have a selection of parrots including African Grey parrot, Cockatoo parrot and more..

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Fertile Eggs

We sell very fertile candle lit eggs of all species of parrots. All our eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our Aviary , candle tested and 100% confirmed fertile.

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Bird Cages

Owning a parrot is a unique and rewarding experience, and the most important item you need before bringing home your feathered friend is a bird cage.

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How to use the incubator

1. Take off the layer of protective films on the observation windows.
2. Test your incubator to see if it functions properly.
3. Connect the egg turner plug to the control plug inside the egg compartment.
4. Fill one or both water channels depending on local humidity levels.
5. Set the eggs with the pointy side down.

Our Parrot Species

African Grey

Tame, young, talking Baby African Grey Congo Parrot for sale.


Cockatoos are very popular pet birds with personalities as flashy and dynamic.

Hyacinth Macaws

The beautiful, cobalt-blue hyacinth macaw is the largest of all parrots.

Indian Ringeck

The Indian ring-necked parakeet is not a shy bird, and does best with

How To Feed Your Parrot

Get a Clue of Everything You'll Ever Need To Know

Pet bird owners feed bird seed, pellets, table foods, soak and cook mixes, vegetables, proteins, fruits and treats to their birds, so it’s easy to get confused about what to feed your specific pet bird. Find out all about parrot bird food info you need to know with our simple bird food basic primer below.

Our Available Parrots

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  • Sun conures Parots

    Sun Conures For Sale

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  • Sale! African grey parrots

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Live Parrots and their fertile eggs. Available at Madi Parrot Breeders.
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