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Name : Rocky

Sex     : Male

Price  : 1000$

  • DNA Sexed
  • 6 Months Old  2 weeks Old
  • Hand fed
  • Weaned
  • Hand Raised
  • Tamed
  • Vaccinated
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African grey parrots for sale

Name : Rocky

Sex     : Male

Price  : 1000$

  • DNA Sexed
  • 6 Months Old  2 weeks Old
  • Hand fed
  • Weaned

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13 reviews for Buy African grey parrots Online

  1. Ashleigh McHattie

    Ashleigh McHattie

    Hello. I am just wondering what everyone does to entertain their birdies? We have heaps of toys for our girl, but she never really seems to take to new ones very well. She does like to destroy cardboard and paper, but doesn’t seem to keep her entertained for too long!! So any suggestions would be great 😃

    thanks madi

    from Louisiana

  2. Julie Scale

    Julie Scale
    Egg box – wrap little treats in strips on news paper , keeps mine occupied for an hour or so 😂

    from California

  3. Jessica Sanderson

    Hi madison breeders i need help!
    This may be a stupid question haha
    But last year in all my pet owning years I had the experience everyone dreads.. fleas!!! I was staying in. An apartment while my place was being restored after storm damage. And they were coming from another unit because nothing was ever on my treated fur babies just in my place.
    Anyways long story short As I give my babies their first doses of this years treatment I was wondering if birds can get fleas, or bit by them assuming no due to feathers vs fur but weirder things have happened ….. so is their a safe repellent/ treatment for them or is it even necessary?
    I doubt I’ll have issues back in my home as I never have before, but I never thought I would before either and want to be prepared for ALL my babies.
    Xo thanks in advance

  4. Ros Bolton

    Ros Bolton
    The fleas on cats and dogs are different to bird lice. It would be very unlikely for a domestic bird to get lice.

    from new york

  5. Debbie Brown

    This is Cairo the Grey of tictoc.. Not my bird
    No, he isnt abused
    He is 20 years old and curses at his cats max and kitty

  6. Omer A Maskati

    I got my parrot this morning they
    Madison you guys are the best

    I will definitely buy another bird from you in future

  7. mark

    I taught that is probably fake
    But my wife decided to give it a try
    and she got her parrot
    thanks for keeping things real out here and being honest with us bird lovers

  8. Samy

    Regurgitation they usually pump their head/neck and the food stays in their mouth.
    vomiting they kinda sake/flick their head and it flings out their beak .

  9. Amanda Walls

    Amanda Walls

    This is my Gracie girl. I got her for madi parrots, because she came from a loving breeder they are, but he had let her call all the shots for the last 8 years. She is 20 years old. I picked her up 3 weeks ago, totally prepared to have several months of work to do before I could get her to let me touch her. These are just some of the things she has gotten to do since coming to our home. She had never seen a vet before and the vet told me she was by far the nicest Grey she has ever met. I feel like I hit the jackpot with this awesome girl. Now just to get the feather picking under control.

    Visalia, United States

  10. Richard Allen

    Richard Allen

    This morning…
    Me: Oh Annabelle you stepped in your poop. Ok, we need to wash your feet. Come on. (turns on water)
    Annabelle: Wanna go back.
    Me: OK, OW! Just put your foot…OW!…under for a second…OW!!
    Annabelle: No bite.
    Me: Almost done…OW! (swearing in my head)…here we go, the other foot…OW!
    Annabelle: Wanna go back.
    Me: OK, all done.
    Annabelle: Wanna take a shower.
    Me: (sigh)

    Wallingford, United States

  11. Denise Nepgen

    Denise Nepgen

    I had fall fracturing my shoulder so had to have a plate and screws put in then I fell then again fracturing my other arms elbow and was in hospital for 4 days so I haven’t been able to get Bubbles my rescue Congo African grey out to sit with me as he would only let me pick him up etc now I opened his cage to try and get him to sit with me he just started to bite me with intend to hurt. I closed his again and walked away. Advice please

    clay madison please help

    Elkton, United States

  12. Stacey Wraxall Smith

    Stacey Wraxall Smith

    Kiss her beak. Lol. It’s pretty much how I wake up everyday since my girl roosts on a boing beside my bed at night. She wakes me up with a few calls at exactly 8:15am and once I acknowledge her and say good morning, down she comes for lovies. The best alarm clock in the world. THANKS MADI SHE IS SO LOVELY

    Matthews, United States

  13. Darci

    madi parrots farm experienced, expert breeders of African Grey Parrots.

    We offer Parrots to many families like yours and will continue providing wonderful additions of lovable, healthy Birds for many years to come..
    Many people like you seek African grey parrots because they
    are attracted to their physical appearance, reputation as a family pet.

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