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$1,500.00 $800.00

Name : Jammy

Sex     : Male

Price   : 800$

  • DNA Sexed
  • Hand fed
  • 6 months old
  • Weaned
  • Hand Raised
  • Tamed
  • Vaccinated
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Blue and Gold Macaw

Name : Jammy

Sex     : Male

Price   : 800$

  • DNA Sexed
  • Hand fed
  • 6 months old
  • Weaned
  • Hand Raised
  • Tamed
  • Vaccinated

11 reviews for Buy Blue and Gold Macaw Online

  1. Stefani Elizabeth

    Stefani Elizabeth

    Hi Madi Parrot Zelda, she’s 11 months old and keeps making these sounds. I had to take this from far away to get it but she is always making these strange noises and I don’t know if they mean something or not? Sound familiar?

  2. Emeline Fishel

    Emeline Fishel

    My is 13 Years old, i got her from madi parrots farm. She’s been home 1 month…. Grabs her beak repeatedly saying that’s a word. Any clue what that’s about? No idea how to respond because I don’t know what prompts it.

    Fontana, United States

  3. Marina Guppy

    Marina Guppy

    To know the gender of a conure by visually looking at it, you need to understand mutations and what mutation your bird is. Since I am utterly overwhelmed with sexing posts nearly daily, i have long lost track of correcting ppl and educating ppl about how to do it properly. Some of you still know to pm me which i dont mind helping you privately but its good to teach ppl publicly too. If you do not get how mutations play a role in deciphering how to sex a tiel visually, accurately may i add, not just chance, then do not confuse new owners so that the wrong info keeps getting shot around. Just tag me or any other admin if you want a proper answer. Sometimes you will have to dna sex your bird and if you know the parent birds, we may be able to sex it that way too.

    check the sex dna documents i gave you

    Hemet, United States

  4. Chris Thorpe

    Chris Thorpe
    Hi Madi just to sahe this behavoir with you
    Big trip in the car today
    Obviously driver (my bald headed hubby) n co-driver (our Coffee sitting on Noddy) are completely tuckered out .. time for a nap.

    Cedartown, United States

  5. Phoebe Rose

    Phoebe Rose

    Does this look like she’s just molting or that someone else in the cage is being a bully?! is this a normal behavior

    Estero, United States

  6. Susan Lorraine

    Susan Lorraine

    If you know what it is, why are you asking here? Please separate them. Poor tiel.

    Glendale Heights, United States

  7. Tin Zar Nwe Soe

    Tin Zar Nwe Soe
    My B\G has the same bald spot but smaller than what yours has. But mine is less than one year old and now in its first molt.

    Chicago, United States

  8. Donnalynn Bloedel

    Donnalynn Bloedel

    I mix Roudybush crumbles with Volkman no sunflower seed 50/50 and top it with a few original flavor nutriberries. They love it. I know Petco sells Roudybush, not sure about the seed. I buy from Chewy.
    thanks for the advice madison

    Brooklyn, United States

  9. Mavlins recars

    Mavlins recars

    This is a Pakistani entry . Hardly ever does that area of the world ever show birds kept in happy environments .. I think he may simply be another in the animal commercial trade .

    thanks madison

    Reno, United States

  10. Nibras Maleh

    Nibras Maleh

    if you are Looking for cockatoos, if anyone around southern California, Phoenix or Las Vegas please let me know for In person transaction only within driving range of no more than 7 hours from orange county. then madi parrot has you covered

    New Castle, United States

  11. Jones Strain

    Jones Strain

    Hi all this is my boy Indiana (Indy) Jones Strain i got him from madi parrot farm . He turned 2 on August 5th… I have had him since he was 3 1/2 months. He is spoiled and a little Sassy but loved SO MUCH!

    thanks madison


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