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Name : Lewis/Ava

Sex : Male/Female

Price : 1950$

  • DNA Sexed
  • Hand fed
  • 6 months  old
  • Weaned
  • Hand Raised
  • Tamed
  • Vaccinated
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 Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

Name : Lewis/Ava

Sex : Male/Female

Price : 1950$

  • DNA Sexed
  • Hand fed
  • 6 months  old

10 reviews for Buy Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot Online-Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot For Sale

  1. Christine Ball

    Christine Ball
    Madi parrot i got the best from you hand raised and tamed the Amazon a double yellow headed, ( that’s quite a mouthful to say lol) beautiful bird, and they all are but I love Amazons I had one at one time he was a brilliant talker to brilliant at times! He a,ready had a previous owner from SOT, so pottery talk, and a bit of naughty words, he was on telly and in mags and newspaper the Sunday sport of all papers but he was so clever and lovable. Have a grey now who is also a brilliant talker, says “ well you are the weakest link goodbye! Also been in media, her fave song is hey fatty bum bum, she rings the phone and speaks then says bye, catch you later, wouldn’t change her fir the world but she does like biting me the laughs, she actually says, O Amie, you bit me, not nice and laugh’s.!!
    Madi parrot i got the best from you hand raised and tamed

    Randolph, United States

  2. Jo Ann Whitney

    Jo Ann Whitney

    My DYH Amazon parrot has been sitting on dead eggs for 10 weeks in the pantry. She will not let me near them. I’m worried. She comes out 2 her cage once a day 2 eat & drink. I also have food & water in the pantry 4 her. She eats very little. When she came 2 her cage last night her feet looked swollen & she had alot of trouble with her legs when she climbed. I need help. She is 12. i got her from madi parrot 1 year ago

    San Mateo, United States

  3. Brenda Ford

    Brenda Ford

    My Blue fronted amazon parrot love to seat on toy eggs for 10 weeks i think she wanna become a mom too
    Absolutly get her off those eggs. She is likely low on calcium/dehydrated and possibly septic. I would get her to the vet ASAP. How would you know if she was egg bound if she laid another one if she won’t let you near her?
    Towel her, dump the eggs, off to the vet then back to her cage after.

    Milton, United States

  4. Julie Ann

    Julie Ann

    ok new to having a yellow amazon parrot he’s almost 7 months we got him June 4th so we bought madi parrots breeders and now are using with some pellets and fresh veggies and some fruit now he loves “human ” food likevgave him a little pasta summer squash peppers and spinach and I’m watching him pick through everything for the pasta and noticing he’s not touching the zupreem or pellets bowl and it’s like he’s waiting for the ” human ” food to eat how can I get him to eat more of the pellets and zupreem? i was thinking maybe grind it up into almost powder and put on the fresh food almost like a sauce maybe or do you think he ll then not eat it please help I want him to get the vitamins and nutrients he needs
    Columbus, United States

  5. RJ Mandeville

    RJ Mandeville

    Mine do the Adams family with 2 DIFFERENT fart sounds in place of the clicks. 😆 They do the X-Files as well. Can’t remember the others right now but, they’re learning the Godfather theme song.
    thanks madison

    Kissimmee, United States

  6. Tara Morell

    Tara Morell
    My blue fronted amazon parrot does the same! Whenever she flies over to me and asks for scratches, she makes a soft little sound, as if she’s saying “oooow” and my heart just melts instantly 😊
    thanks madi you are the best breeder i know

    Hoffman Estates, United States

  7. Sarah Parke

    Sarah Parke

    LOOKY! Miss Sallie let her new Dad pick her up & hold her! And walk around! Chris is so proud & I am happy for him! ❤️
    madi parrot what will i have done without you guys

    Saint Cloud, United States

  8. Allyn Byer

    Allyn Byer

    all the way from germany ,thanks madi
    boundry is not a barrier for you guys
    Berry Box-8 Budgies (SourBerry, BluBerry, SnowBerry, Mulberry, BlackBerri, ElderBerri, ScaryBerry, and LemonBerry)
    Kids have 2 cockatiels (Pikachu and Coconut) and 2 lovebirds (Rio and Ombré)
    I have a cockatiel named Dahmer, an Eclectus named Lucifer, an African Grey named Bones, a violet turaco named Grimm, 3 Indian Ringnecks (Ghost, Spirit, and Phantom), and two parrotlets (creature and Frankenstein).

    Munich, Germany

  9. Dana Lee Charlotte

    Dana Lee Charlotte
    My amzon parrot is six I bought him from madi parrots at age 3 and I swear sometimes he says peekaboo and good birdy BUT he only does this when I put Alex the Honking Bird on the cellphone for him 😂

    Beloit, United States

  10. Stephanie McCanna Barkey

    Stephanie McCanna Barkey

    Thor is one unhappy tiel. He got a shower and was not happy. He stood like this for 10 minutes.

    thanks madi parrot for seeing me fit for parenting this awesome parrot

    The Bronx, United States

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