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Name : Luiz/Ann

Sex : Male/Female

Price : 500$

  • DNA Sexed
  • Hand fed
  • 2 Months Old
  • Weaned
  • Hand Raised
  • Tamed
  • Vaccinated
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Hand Fed Baby African Grey Congo Parrot

Tame, young, talking Baby African Grey Congo Parrot for sale. 6 Months old male and female. Our African Grey Parrot babies are people and flock socialized, and make some entertaining sounds and talking. Their diet consists of sprouts, veggies, fruits, seeds and pellets. For them to develop their full potential they have a huge aviary to learn how to fly and navigate well. This is very important for brain development, muscle tone, heart health, lungs, etc. They should always have access to lots of swings and toys. They will come with free toys and a manual on how to take care of a parrot / raise a baby parrot. Buy Parrots Online


Species : Baby African Grey Congo Parrot (Congo African Grey Parrot)
Sex : Male / Female
Age : 2-5 months
Size : Small (Weaned – Can eat by themselves)
Health : 100% guaranteed. Buy Parrots Online

16 reviews for Buy Hand Fed Baby Congo African Grey Parrot Online

  1. Lisa Rosato

    I’ve got 10 cats none have had fleas I use monthly treatment every month summer / winter I’ve I know birds can catch mites from other birds but not flea s from dog / cat

  2. Tobias Vyseri

    Tobias Vyseri

    It’s going to start getting warmer out soon, and I’d like to be able to take my lil buddy out on walks, anyone have any suggestions for parrot harnesses, or if harnesses are no good, what a good alternative might be?
    Lil painting of my chirpy buddy attached (not that she’s ever been anywhere near that close to fire!)

  3. Terry Hanson

    I have a travel cage that is a backpack that can be worn front or back we go on lots of walks when she will not let me put her harness on which is most of the time.

  4. Julia Patterson

    Love the art. Sadly my grey was in a real house fire this year and of course I was freaking out trying to evacuate her and all the other animals and she was like having the time of her life lmao . Apparently she was not upset by any of it at all 🤦‍♀️

  5. Ros Bolton

    People used to feed dog biscuits to their parrots because they had more nutrients than seeds alone. However, we have better alternatives now and know a lot more about parrot nutrition that we used to. Especially the needs for calcium and vitamin A and direct access to unfiltered daylight.

  6. Markus Schmid

    About a week ago I was asking for some advice about the baby sound our little cag Lou was doing. Then last Saturday he started sneezing. Just a few times. On Sunday still sneezing, already less appetite and not so active. On Monday we went to the vet, did some tests. On Tuesday he lost his voice completely and stopped eating or drinking. We started to feed him with the syringe. Since Thursday we got confirmation, he is pbfd positive. Didn´t loose his feathers. Since yesterday (Friday) it is even worse. For feeding I have to open his peak a little to be able to give him some food and water. It is heartbreaking for us to see this little guy suffering. We had him today exactly 2 weeks and I would like to know, when is the point to say, it´s enough. We better go to the clinic and put him to sleep.

  7. Mandy Gorman

    Mandy Gorman

    First time I trimmed Liath’s talons and I was only taking a little off. I made a couple bleed and now he is clenching his feet. How long will he do this? I feel like such a bad parront. 😔 thanks madison clay for liath

    Danbury, United States

  8. Jereme Dillard

    Jereme Dillard

    Just for future reference. I have had my Grey for 24 years and he has always had a concrete perch at his food bowl. He has other perches of course but that one has kept his nails and beak good.
    thanks madi parrots

    Rockford, United States

  9. Jennifer Brohman Adelson

    Jennifer Brohman Adelson

    We adopted this 18 year old a few months ago and we have been monitoring the tip of her beak. Should we be concerned? Anything we can do to help her? TYIA
    madi please help me

    Weaverville, United States

  10. Claire Phipps

    Claire Phipps

    Try a little bit of crushed hemp seed sprinkled on her food, may help with plucking. You can buy it at the Heath food

    Minneapolis, United States

  11. Cheryl Deering

    Cheryl Deering

    Give her plenty of things to chomp on, like parrot-safe wood and cardboard. Also try puttting chomp-able safe veggies on a bird kebob. My bird loves pomegranite and corn on the cob.

    thanks madi

    Spring Hill, United States

  12. Daedra Derbil McDillett Smith-Olsen

    Daedra Derbil McDillett Smith-Olsen

    Love it! The background TV noise was really throwing me there for a minute…🤣 madi you are the best

    Loma Linda, United States

  13. Denise Nepgen

    Denise Nepgen

    madi, Being introducing my cast to Bubbles talking to him he did puff up his feathers when he was taking it in when he realized it’s ok I asked for my good morning kiss I got one it was a gentle kiss so after all your advice it’s working thank you all💞💞

    North Little Rock, United States

  14. Barb Washicosky

    Barb Washicosky

    Got him form madi parrots 3o years ago .Mine doesn’t do it often, but sometimes “ wakes up on wrong side of bed” I watch him carefully.
    His pupils get real tiny and lowers his head. And if I dont watch his body language he will get me every time. One Dead give away, one foot on food dish and one on perch… LOL we’ve been together 30 years.. 😊

    Seattle, United States

  15. Jessica Zakrajsek

    Jessica Zakrajsek

    Side eyes from the goodest boy who had his nails cut by ME for the first time ever. Maybe he’s a little traumatized…

    Lawrence, United States

  16. Raymond Bradshaw

    Raymond Bradshaw

    Is it important to cover your bird’s cage when it is sleep time? And how important is it that your AG gets twelve hours sleep?
    My Tiekie freaks out if we try and cover his cage with a blanket, and we know for sure he doesn’t get anywhere near twelve hours of sleep. He wakes up singing and whistling as soon as the light starts to filter through the blinds.

    Saugerties, United States

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