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Buy Harlequin Macaw Online

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Buy Harlequin Macaw Online

Harlequin Macaw Parrots For Sale.

3 months old is $1010

6 months old is $1510

1 year  old  is $2010

To begin, The Harlequin Macaw is a full size Macaw. Harlequin Macaws are a very colorful Macaw. In the mating pair of macaw parrots, the males have the dominate gene which affects the appearance of the offspring. Buy Parrots Online

To continue “Frida”, shown on the right, has a Green-winged Macaw father. Harlequin Macaws with a Green-winged Macaw father, have a breast color that is orangish. The breast color is a bit more reddish-orange for Harlequins having the Blue & Gold Macaw as the father. Frida is a very sweet, affectionate bird and a wonderful pet.

Size – Weight:
Again,  A full sized macaw, they can get over 2 lbs. Lengths up to 86 cm (34 inches). Buy Parrots Online

Care and feeding:
More so, A roomy cage is required unless the bird is to be let out for extended periods. Many birds can spend most of their time on a play pen or parrot perch. They eat a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, commercial pellets, as well as the same nutritional foods humans eat. See About Macaws: Housing and About Macaws: Care and Feeding for more information.

Social Behaviors:
Also, Harlequin Macaws are quite intelligent, trainable, and adept at learning tricks . They can learn to talk with a general vocabulary of about 15 or more words or expressions. The word ‘harlequin’ is defined as ‘clown’, and these playful birds can truly live up to that reputation.
Though the temperament and behavior of hybrids is uncertain, the Harlequin Macaw typically takes on the natural docile side of the Green-winged Macaw. But it also takes the natural clownish personality of the Blue and Gold Macaw.

To continue,  This is a hybrid and it use to be that hybrid macaws were generally not bred.

however the breeding of hybrids is becoming more common. See About Macaws: Macaw Breeding, Bird Reproduction – Baby Macaws for information on breeding macaws.
Sexual differences:


10 reviews for Buy Harlequin Macaw Online

  1. Joanne Marie Denison

    Joanne Marie Denison
    Mine is currently decided he is on a mission to destroy one of my bookcases one book at a time or several books at a time he pulls them out and choose them into tiny little pieces and I’ve tried to cover the bookcase I’ve tried to put duct tape on it and he still manages to get into it and do his own style of reading. he used to play with all the toys in his cage but now he’s decided my book case is much more fun. Good luck at least he’s not destroying an entire bookcase full of books I just put a bunch of old children’s books in there for him

    thank madi

    from Hawaii

  2. Christine Marie Hanson

    This is Nico (female) getting frustrated. she changes her vowels…so the sound changes but the intensity and volume are consistent. We ignore her… but she is strong willed and will go on for over an hour or until I can’t take it and isolate her to another room. She only gets like this in the spring and fall so I think it must be related to breeding season.

    from Georgia

  3. Ian Fletcher

    Hi mandison
    male chestnut fronted macaw trying to keep me out of the nest box
    .protecting the hen from me.

    From Alabama

  4. S Michael Sumner

    S Michael Sumner

    So Okie my Macaw gave us a big scare she wasn’t eating or talking she was very lethargic and sleeping all day. We rushed her to the vet hospital and found out she could not pass an egg! They removed the egg now all is well. Felt so bad for her
    madi parrots thank you

    Las Vegas, United States

  5. Aimée Ryan

    Aimée Ryan

    Hello all!.. looking for some advice. We bought an Aviator harness over a year ago for George and he despises it!.. we’ve tried a good few times and managed to get it on him once but he caused a massive scene once it was on, people could probably hear him kicking off 50 miles away! 🥴.. getting it back off him was just as fun! We’ve also always left it around so he can see it and let him hold it etc.. are there other types of harnesses that are easier to put on but just as good as the Aviator or does anyone have any tips… or will he just hate the harness forever and we should stop trying! 🤣.. new video of King George for attention ☺️
    Lisa Sinden
    You don’t see many greys on harnesses they don’t like the feeling on their backs. I can Cuddle my greys and lay them on their backs etc but both won’t tolerate harnesses even though I can touch their backs etc and they are layed back birds. I tried a few times and massive sulks afterwards. I won’t put them through it any more. I just gave up xx

    Windsor, Canada

  6. Nahian luis Huy

    Hi Madison,
    . This is Pikachu, my 3 year old baby girl i got her from madison breeders . She’s amazing since she doesn’t bite and is extremely friendly. However, I had a question for all the double yellow headed amazon owners here. Its been almost 2 months and I wasn’t able to teach her any new words. For instance, the constant eye-preening and focusing mode of an amazon-
    Tx, United States

  7. Deanne Sandland

    Deanne Sandland

    Modified my shower perch (I made it originally). Reintroduce it as I rewrapped it in new colours.

    Man, United States

  8. Kerry Frintrup Harkness

    Mine grabs my arm to grip. When he’s on my shoulder he sometimes uses his beak to grab my hair or ear to help hold on when we walk.
    thanks madi parrots

    Alexandria, United States

  9. Andrea de Pablo

    Hi Madi parrots.
    Meeting day 5. Mojito got on my shoulder for the first time 🥰 we shared food and he let me touch his head for the first time too. He closed his eyes and puffed. It was so sweet! He kept puffing and shaking his head (as if he shivered) every time I sang to him, danced with him on my hand or spoke to him, his eyes pinning and loving the attention.
    I need some advice though.
    I’ve been reading SO MUCH about Amazon parrots. I’ve made sure I don’t touch him under the wings, the chest or the length of his back, as to not encourage hormonal or mating behaviour.
    But it’s happening anyway. When he is on my shoulder or on my arm/hand and a member of his current household approaches me or moves a little too fast and startles him, he will bite me hard. I know this is because he thinks he is protecting me from threat and wants me to be safe and get away from the “perceived danger” (mind, the perceived threat are the members of his family, and he only sees me every two weeks for a couple of hours). Whenever someone approaches me, he does this.

    Many thanks!

  10. Karen Yauney

    Karen Yauney

    Thinking of jumping on the bird toy band. Thinking of using different pvc pipe sections an some plaing macrame jute to start. Are they considered safe? I have a amazon parrot that would love to climb more.

    The Bronx, United States

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