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Buy Urmbrella Cockatoos Online

   To Begin. Cockatoos are one the most attractive and affectionate members of the entire parrot family and one of our favorites. Most experts state that cockatoos are in one of three main categories: they are mostly white, pink and black. Buy Parrots Online

           However I totally disagree and think that the pink cockatoos fall into the white cockatoo category. since these are white cockatoos with tinge pink or rose.      

           Hence, Since we only breed the white and pink cockatoos we will only speak of those here. (Moluccan, umbrella) The umbrella cockatoo, also known as the white cockatoo or the great white-crested cockatoo. an native, the umbrella is slightly smaller than the Moluccan cockatoo, but is not smaller in personality or charm. Buy Parrots Online

Also, This out-going cockatoo is infamous for its outlandish antics and for being clingy with its owners. The umbrella cockatoo can be distinguished from other white cockatoos by its wholly white crest that raises like an umbrella when the bird is excited, agitated, or ready to play (or bite!). Both the beak and legs are a dark gray, and the feathers on the undersides of the wings and tail are light yellow. The umbrella cockatoo is native to the islands of Indonesia, where it lives in tropical rainforest.


12 reviews for Buy Urmbrella Cockatoos Online

  1. Fotini Manolis

    Fotini Manolis

    I love it when they walk proud like they have achieved something!!!!
    thanks madison breeder i love him

    from atlanta.GA

  2. Lorraine Shannon Hedrick

    Lorraine Shannon Hedrick
    I bought Sidney from mandison 10 years ago, he’s around 4-6 years old we think. Had him for the last 3 years. What is everyone’s way of handling biting? He used to bite me quite often, but now it is much less, but when he does, like this morning, let’s just say my ear is gonna be sore!


  3. Seifallah Awad

    My 9 months too loves getting under the covers for hours and hours, she is such a soft pretty girl
    thanks madison

    from Florida

  4. Susan Blues

    This my new guy, doesn’t have a name yet. Such a pretty boy, I have been told he is 6 yes old. I think he looks like a Buddy??

    thanks for this lovely boy again

    from California

  5. Missy Swatzell

    madi parrots
    he is awesome we play alot all day long
    Love my boy getting his groove on!
    ( I do not own the rights to the music playing in the background)

    from Colorado

  6. Christopher Thomas

    Buddy discovered DVD’s I keep under the TV and taken it upon himself to grab and destroy one when I wasn’t looking. The joys of being cage free.
    he gives me thanks classes. i dont know what to say anymore

    thank you mandison

  7. Bev Wantland

    Bev Wantland

    My daughter wants to buy this .she recommend to madi parrot she got has from madi parrot 7 years ago
    So, tell me what you think. Pick it apart with pros and cons

    The Bronx, United States

  8. Caroline Maze Cummings

    Caroline Maze Cummings

    My friend has a parrot and she is more gentle than my dyh but that could be a male vs female thing and not a species one.
    madi i still love my parrot he speaks alot

  9. Laura Lyles

    Laura Lyles

    I LOVE Madi’s pictures and videos of their Amazon’s. Thank you for sharing. I’ve never had one but always have wanted one. I previously owned a Umbrella cockatoo but she passed away 5 years ago. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. I took a break after she passed from being a bird owner but I miss having a parrot. There’s nothing like having a parrot and believe it or not, I miss the squawking of one too!

    Long Beach, United States

  10. Jules Christina

    Jules Christina

    We got our cockatoo about a year ago madi parrot breeders . Supposedly he is 2 yrs old. He still hasn’t said a word! only bird noises. Is this normal???

    Toronto, Canada

  11. Bob Busby

    Bob Busby
    Josie would take 1 look at those gloves and refuse to get on mybfingerd. Such a suspicious birdie
    madi you did a great job thanks

    Hayward, United States

  12. Frank

    Genuinely when someone doesn’t understand afterward its up to
    other people that they will assist, so here it
    takes place.

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