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Name : Blake

Sex     : Male

Price  : 1000$

  • DNA Sexed
  • Hand fed
  • 12 months old
  • Weaned
  • Hand Raised
  • Tamed
  • Vaccinated
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Hybrid macaws are bred for color. The Camelot Macaw is a second generation hybrid macaw. One of its parents, the Scarlet Macaw, is a species of naturally occurring macaws while the other, the Catalina Macaw, is also a hybrid macaw. This second generation hybrid macaw was developed from these crossings:

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10 reviews for Buy Camelot Macaw Online

  1. David Houchins

    David Houchins
    OK Gang , Surprise Surprise Surprise !!! It’s SPRING TIME !! The hormones are raging and if your birds are pacing up and down with their tails spread wide and all their feathers are sorta raised up and puffy then they are TELLING YOU , don’t touch me unless you want the blood bitten from your bodies every place I can reach !!! They are not kidding and they still love you and their actions are INVOLUNTARY so learn to read them and respect what they are telling you ….or not and bleed.

  2. Beth Lipski

    Beth Lipski
    hello madi breeders
    Good Morning Everyone! I volunteer with a non-profit who hosts a class on parrot behavior and enrichment, and was wondering if you could show me your cage set-ups for your macaws. With your express permission, I’d like to use these images for my PowerPoint presentation to show how important enrichment is for macaws.
    I look forward to seeing your cages!
    Pic added for responses (FYI, this is Georgie, one of our available Amazons!).

  3. Gail Segal

    Gail Segal

    Hey madi
    I have a Grey, a Goffin’s, and a Pineapple cheek conure, my Grey goes after, how can I get them to get along?

  4. Geri Gerard

    Geri Gerard

    Hi madi breeders
    A very darling trio. Also that is an impressive array of kitchen appliances. And please forgive me but I am coveting that antique scale on the shelf above.

  5. Patricia A Pizer

    Patricia A Pizer

    thanks madi breeders
    Buster seems to be healing & recovering from the excitement with the hawk. He’s eating well, starting to play more, and enjoying being spoiled rotten. Stitches come out on Wednesday morning. Still napping a lot.
    Thank you all for your concern, prayers, & well-wishes. 💜

  6. Katelyn Ann Bagley

    Katelyn Ann Bagley
    thanks madi breeders
    My husband is a veteran and we had a chance to stay at a veterans retreat here in VA. We couldn’t leave the Birb behind as she is still new to us. But she’s loving all the wood decor of this cabin 🤗💕 we are only an hour away from where we live so the car ride here wasn’t stressful. So far she’s loving it and so are we💕 (disclaimer, she hasn’t chewed on anything other than her toys we brought with and we are keeping a very close eye on her as this is a new environment for her)

  7. Katie Moseley

    Katie Moseley

    What do you use for the bottom of your bird cages?
    What do you use for the bottom of your bird cages?

    I use news papers that I have gathered over the years but I just recently moved and cannot find paper anywhere. I’m about to run out of them. Any suggestions of something different to use would be helpful! Something that is relatively affordable or free because I clean his area everyday. Thanks! madi breeders

    Moberly, United States

  8. Faye Cosma

    Faye Cosma

    Birds don’t like change…and guess who allowed them to run out of chop? They have been screaming for 2 days.
    Beni kept asking the other 3 if they were hungry, then named all their favorite foods. Of course, that sounded good to them, so more meltdowns and screaming. She is quite the character!
    I’m putting it together now, but I had to stop in the middle of making it to give them some to eat.
    Beni, Spency, Oliver & Buddy. i all my 4 birds from madi parrots farm

    Chesapeake Beach, United States

  9. Elaine M Thibault

    Elaine M Thibault

    I can’t get my African grey to eat fruit or veggies.all she eat is the bought food mix .any suggestions

    Highland, United States

  10. Gar Frico

    Gar Frico

    my more than 2 months old Bamboo on his morning routine … watching and listening to nursery rhymes😊🦜

    Auburn, United States

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