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The Indian ring-necked parakeet is not a shy bird, and does best with an owner who appreciates an outgoing companion that is not afraid to demand what it wants! Indian ring-necks can also be quite talkative.

The Indian ring-necked parakeet, also called the rose-winged parakeet, has been kept as a pet for centuries and remains a favorite companion bird today. A devoted owner will do best with this temperamental bird that requires a great deal of attention to remain tame. However, the Indian ring-necked will charm and delight the person who takes the time to appreciate its other qualities — a playful exuberance and a remarkable talking ability.

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Indian Ringeck Parrot

Care & Feeding

Indian ring-necked parakeets are sensitive birds that need lots of play time and time out of the cage to remain happy; if not, expect your bird to develop neurotic disorders that many be very difficult to reverse.

Because of the long tail, Indian ring necks need a larger cage than another bird of the same relative size. Ring necks love their toys, and will hang on them and toss them around the cage, so be sure to have lots of toys on hand to replace the ones your bird destroys — this type of destruction is a normal, healthy part of being a companion bird. If you can handle a good deal of chattering, some of it ear-piercing, and you have the time and energy to spend with this beautiful bird, consider welcoming an Indian ring-necked parakeet into your family.

Indian ring necks tend to have good appetites. As with any bird, make sure to feed a balanced, nutritious diet that includes pellets, fruit, veggies, and healthy table foods. This way you can be sure that your bird is nourished and will not become bored with his diet. Nutri-Berries, Avi-Cakes, and Premium Daily Diet are some of the Lafeber foods that offer optimum nutrition that encourages interaction.

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  1. Pineda Neylis

    Pineda Neylis
    Hello. me again. Yesterday I shared when we went out and took advantage of it and took it to his doctor. to be calm that all is well with him. even though my family says that I worry. too much. but I really love him. and I always said. Sometime I will have one of these Amazons and I will take care of it. a lot of. since the previous owner did not want it anymore. the question is. what weight is normal? and if everything is alright? because his doctor probably didn’t call me tomorrow. because it is too late. does anyone understand this note? Thank you

  2. Mark Pall

    Mark Pall

    When he’s out he’s happy its just the process of scooping him up to step onto my arm with a treat. As seen here he is exiting his torpedo mode of excitement of which he does very often

  3. Marinkovic Kristina

    Marinkovic Kristina

    I know an old woman. Who has an 30 years old amazon. She has him for 10 years. He is always locked in his small cage. She does not let him out to fly and stretch his wings. And i can not help him. Then she says the bird hates her it is breaking my heart. Parrots are great pets. And she is an animal abuser. Who keeps such inteligent bird as a prisioner. I just hate that witch.

  4. Cara Dianna

    Cara Dianna
    If he hates her then maybe she doesn’t let him out because he will bite her? Maybe she needs someone to help her learn how to built a relationship with him

  5. Meg Mariee Walker

    Meg Mariee Walker
    thanks madi breeders
    I love Prism’s dinosaur noises 🥰
    He’s so happy when he gets to see his girlfriend Momo🦜🦜🌷🌈💚

  6. Emad Ghanem

    Emad Ghanem

    Riko is 10 months old , he is with us since he was eating by syringe 💉 ( 3 months ) very active , already speaking three words and he loves talking showers 😀,,,
    Riko life

    thanks madi breeders

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