Kapoho Kave II Large Corner Bird Cage


Best selling corner bird cage!

  • Unique corner designed bird cage makes optimal use of space
  • 2 color choices
  • Built-in casters allow for ease of mobility

Looking for a big corner bird cage that’s also a space-saving solution? Enter the Kapoho Kave II Large Corner Bird Cage, which makes use of any corner in your home to provide roomy living quarters for your large birds and parrots. Available in both white and black, this simply designed parrot corner cage comes equipped with two natural wood perches, four stainless steel food and water dishes with swing out doors, and is built on its own set of casters for easy moving when required.

Despite its ample size, this large corner bird cage still proves easy to maintain, thanks to a slide out tray and grill for cleanup with minimal hassle. Built from sturdy wrought iron, this corner unit parrot cage is a perfect pick for the proud bird owner that’s short on space but big on love for their feathered friends.

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Kapoho Kave II Large Corner Bird Cage Specifications:

42″ Size:

  • Bird Cage Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions: 42″W x 30″D x 64”H
    • Interior Height: 58″
    • Width: The 42” width is calculated from far left corner to far right corner.
    • 5 panels:
      • Back Panel: 30” W (2 panels)
      • Side Panels: 15” W (2 panels)
      • Front Panel: 21” W (1 panel)
  • Bar Spacing: 5/8″
  • Bar Thickness: 3.5 mm
  • Weight: 100 lbs.

50″ Size:

  • Bird Cage Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions: 50″W x 36″D x 68”H” 
    • Interior Height: 62″
    • Width: The 50” width is calculated from far left corner to far right corner.
    • 5 panels:
      • Back Panel: 36” W (2 panels)
      • Side Panels: 18” W (2 panels)
      • Front Panel: 25” W (1 panel)
  • Bar Spacing: 1″
  • Bar Thickness: 5 mm
  • Weight: 140 lbs.

Kapoho Kave II Large Corner Bird Cage Features: 

  • Large access door
  • 2 wood perches
  • 4 stainless steel water and food feeders
  • 3 feeder doors (swing out)
  • Trays (2 tray set).
  • Swing out feeder doors (NEW – solid feeder doors help prevent spillage!)
  • Locking food bowls
  • Removable and slide out tray (metal) and grate (metal) for easy cleaning
  • Horizontal side bars and vertical front and back bars make this fun for birds who like to climb
  • Rolling casters for easy moving
  • Wrought iron construction and non-toxic powder coated finish
  • Bird proof locking system that is easy for humans, very difficult for birds!
  • Corner Bird Cage Colors Available: White, Black, and Silver
  • Corner Bird Cage Suggested For: Cockatiels, African Grey (40″ size) and Macaws, Cockatoos (50″ size) and other similar sized parrots!

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42"W x 30"D x 64"H, 50"W x 36"D x 68"H


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