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Brilliantly colorful, intelligent, friendly, and loaded with personality, the sun conure has long been popular among families fond of companion birds. But owners should be prepared; this bird one of the loudest of all the medium-sized parrots. They are not a good starter bird since they require a lot of consistent training, daily interaction, and constant socialization to keep them tame and well-behaved.

COMMON NAMES: Sun conure, sun parakeet

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Aratinga solstitialis

ADULT SIZE: 12 inches

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 25 to 30 years

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Sun Conures For Sale

Origin and History

The sun conure is native to northeastern South America, including Venezuela, northern Brazil, and Guyana. Found mostly in inland tropical habitats, the sun conure also may inhabit dry savanna woodlands and coastal forests. They usually inhabit fruiting trees and palm groves.

The population of this currently endangered bird is dwindling rapidly due to loss of habitat and trapping for the pet trade. Roughly 800,000 are trapped each year, despite the U.S. import ban of 1992 and European Union ban in 2007.2


The sun conure is a playful, amusing bird that enjoys athletic tricks. These birds are smart, interactive, and easily trained. In general, it is a very affectionate and cuddly bird that is gentle to all members of the family as long as it’s treated well. The bird is not without assertiveness, though; it can turn aggressive suddenly if provoked.

This parrot can go through nippy phases that can be hard on children as well as on adults. Even the tamest pet bird can get startled and bite. This is not a true reflection of its personality; it’s a natural reaction.

Like all parrots, sun conures are social birds that need a considerable amount of interaction with their human owners to be happy. They are naturally playful and affectionate when they get the attention they need, making them uniquely suited for those who want a bird for steady companionship.

Keep in mind that the sun conure is extremely loud, capable of emitting ear-piercing screams. Its loud, shrill call is used in the wild to bring attention to important situations from miles away. Likewise, this bird can stand in as an excellent version of a watchdog for your home.

Speech and Vocalizations

In captivity, this bird’s loud, harsh calls may elicit return calls from angry neighbors. This bird is not suitable for apartment or condo dwellers. You can’t expect to “train away” their calls, but you can train them from early on to curb excessive screaming. They do express excitement and fear with shrill screams. Conures are not shy birds and will let you know vocally if they are bored or if their needs are neglected.

Sun conures are not known for their talking ability, but some birds demonstrate an uncanny ability to mimic other types of sounds, such as doorbells, microwave buzzers, and telephone chimes.


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11 reviews for Sun Conures For Sale

  1. Karen Harris

    This is my new little man got him from Sir Madison and brought home yesterday. I had one years ago but had to rehome him due to some unforseen circumstances. It broke my heart but I know he went to a good, loving home and is still there today. I’m now in a position to give a forever home for Al. He’s 23 and spent the first 21 years in a neglectful situation so he doesn’t have all his feathers but he is perfect to me. He was rescued and his foster mom rehabilitated him and taught him love and trust again. I’m a pretty happy girl. This little bird has stolen my heart. I look forward to reading your stories and brushing up on my bird knowledge.💜💜💜

    From New York

  2. Raine Toole

    Houdini, enjoying this beautiful weather and some outdoor time 😁

    Thanks Manidson

  3. Christine Roxie

    Does anyone know what this behavior is? Her beak is open and she’s been doing it on and off all day.

  4. Dushy Brownandy

    Hi Madi,
    Looks like she’s regurgitating. They will do this for their mates. It’s best to not encourage this behavior for humans, as it’s hormonal behavior that can lead to frustration, aggression, and if it’s a female, egg-laying (with its potential dangers.) I always move my birds away from me when they do it, or walk away from them. Don’t give it any attention at all. It’s nothing to worry about and it’s normal, but don’t encourage it (and whatever you were doing right before it started is causing her to be hormonal, too, so avoid those triggers.)

  5. Sam Dixon

    Joanne Marie Denison

    He’s probably just cleaning himself you could actually teach your bird to eat and then clean them cells on a cloth or paper napkin. Madison has done that with my bird

    Spring, United States

  6. Tony Calsolaro

    Tony Calsolaro

    My baby boy Archie doing his little trick-learned how to do it in two training sessions. I need more apparatus for bird tricks.

    Los Angeles, United States

  7. Donnalynn Bloedel

    Donnalynn Bloedel
    Hey Madison,
    Maybe if you set aside time every day for just you and him to interact and play, his old personality might come back. Do it in a different part of the house than where the other bird is.
    That’s what I would try. thanks madi parrot

  8. Ransen Theberge

    Ransen Theberge

    Lyny went on his first “field trip” to the park today (it was about 80F, so no need to worry about him getting chilly 😊). With all his baby screeching it’s still a little difficult to tell mood, but he seemed to enjoy himself, especially when someone would stop by to chat for a few minutes. thanks madi parrot

    Snohomish, United States

  9. Ayuzz Fawa

    Ayuzz Fawa

    You know I was singing and dancing around like a crazy person and had the door open to his cage today and he just sat there on his rope that he is of course chewing at the top. Tilting he head looking at me like I was nuts

    thanks madi parrots

  10. Sam Tara

    I have had my 26yr old conure for a little.over a year now i got her from madi parrot farm and shes learned many words in this time…its a daily routine, she now calls the dogs to go.outside with me, she calls for our one dog by his name,( I wasn’t aware we said his name that frequently for her to catch onto jt but she did). And her favorite words she says all the time that she’s learned from us is Hey Girllllllllll lol consistency and patience…and just know not all birds talk, urs may be an observer, and thats ok too

    Clemson, United States

  11. Prince Hanison

    Prince Hanison

    After 7 years offering her various fruits and veggies… Tonight she accepted sweet potato. She is so happy she is puffed up and sleepy eyes 🤣

    thanks madi parrots

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