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“Happy MADI.
What can I possibly say to express the joy this beautiful Parrot has brought into my life. He is gregarious, amazing, and delights me non-stop. He lives in Oro Valley, AZ in paradise. I adopted a beautiful little dog after I got him.  They are the most delightful buddies – they play non-stop. He thinks he’s a bird and the parrot thinks she is a bird. I cannot describe what a delightful little Cockatoo named Solo has and continues to be to me and all my friends, including the pup named Sadie. Thank you Melody for such a wonderful littl.”

As a life long animal lover I’ve always made it a point to spend ‘quality time’ with my fur family members. Most of them being Birds, a simple 10-15 minutes of play time usually wore them out or bored them and so I went on with my night. This evening I learned a lot more about what being a Parrot owner is all about. Our boy Romeo loves to play. He especially loves to chase his favorite toy.. Tonight we spent a solid 70 minutes playing run, chase, leap in the air,  Lubed prepping me for Parrot life and reading much of the same, but this is truly special. Melody, your boy is quite the special soul.

Today marks 1 week since i got my little 9 weeks old baby grey with Madi breeders.

Thanking Mr. Madi for this Rich Selection of this African gray parrots I’m welcoming two new beauties into my life.

Lua is such a lover!! ANYONE can take her out & she immediately extends her neck for a kiss. Tango is really talking more. It’s funny. Not only does he say ‘step up’ but now he clearly says ‘Stop it’, ‘Zip it’ and ‘no’;. ;;s so funny when the other birds start making noise, Tango goes ‘Stop it’ or ‘Zip it’. He just started telling Lua ‘No’ and to ‘Stop it’ when she gets noisy. He’s still the noisiest of all though.”

Madi, gave me a good lesson( demonstration) on Facetime on how i should clip my birds wings

Good morning all my Friends, have a blessed Week
Is 650 grams a healthy weight for a 4 weeks old Greenwing?

Madi farm
my blue and gold were 420g at 4 weeks if that helps

Hi guys, quick cage question – I was going to buy either the 185cm corner cage or the double divider cage for my Macaw coming within the month but GTMALL has been out of stock for ages now and Im kind of worried that they won’t get stock in time. Does anyone have any other recommendations that’s not going to cost me an arm and leg? Ive already spent a lot on the outdoor aviary so was hoping not to spend more then $600 on the indoor cage. Any recommendations would be appreciated! X

Craig Morris

Been so very busy, same boring life, but it’s a life I truly love. Only drama is the birds.
If you know me you then you know what I’m gonna do with this room.
Like Dr Frankenstein stated, it’s alive, it’s alive.

thanks for  the  pair of  macaws alrashid breeders  they are the  best

Thanks for the dry bread
Without my favorite peanutbutter
Forgive me from the demolition work
For all the mess I make
And forgive my colleaque  who was angry
Because I stolen her earring (but they didn’t suit her anyway)
Amen 🙏

Carolyn O’Connell

Hi everyone!!  Have you ever heard of the ancient Colossus of Rhodes?! Thats only possible at Madi Parrot Farm  Well, I’m the Colossus Rio, 8th Wonder of the World️❤❤️  Mom says so!!!❤
thanks Madi breeders

I have a question!!! What is a good food for a double yellow head amazon. Mine only eats fruit pellets and loves the sunflower seeds. Any advice?

Jessica UmmRiyam Leuty
Keep trying with the veggies. When we got our DYH, she was on the same diet, and I am working on transitioning her to less seeds and more fresh food.
She loves apples, yellow bell peppers, broccoli, leafy greens like parsley and arugula. However she seems to eat more when it’s not all chopped up small, so I give her bigger pieces for her to chew on.

thanks alrashid for this  opportunity

So I have this scavenger bell/ball that I put in Sam’s cage , the only thing he uses it for is regurgitating food into. Not unusual for a parrot except I only seen my female parrot do this when feeding young..never a male. Anyone else’s males act this way.

Johnny had his first vet appt in who knows how long and he did pretty good! He got a beak trim and a nail trim and a clean bill of health! Even though he was on an all-seed diet before I inherited him, he’s only slightly overweight and only slightly vitamin deficient, not enough that the vet was concerned. Vet said that his feathers and beak and feet will look super healthy after about 2-3 molts now that he’s on the pellet diet and I’m already seeing a difference with the first molt that he’s going through now 😍,,,,,,i got  Johnny 2 years ago from  Madi breeders
But our biggest win so far is that he asked to be let out of his cage on top of his playset this morning! He had no issues stepping onto my hand and letting me help him up on top. I can’t believe how quickly he’s trusting me, it’s making my heart soar!

Hello Madi farm
Can someone please explain to me what he’s doing? He’s been making these sounds lately and he doesn’t like anyone to be behind him when he walks backwards when he does that. Anyone has a similar experience with their bird?

Ans …
Rosetta Severance
No shot I would advise,has the bird been DNA I would say it’s a female

Hello Madi farm
Is the secret just to handling them all the time? Mine seems to wanna be handled but on top of that he seems to want to bite me as part of the play so I’ll put up with it a little bit and then put him back and say you hurt me, no bite.

Madi farm
The bites are not super hard I can handle them but I don’t enjoy having to peel his beak off my finger

Do cag have an off day?
Normal at 6pm my cag ll be playing around but today she is really quite.

Madi farm
Parrots have off days and not able to sleep real good and restfully. As long as it is back to routine tomorrow no worries. If lethargy continues to the Vet as soon as you can get there.

My Alphi who was thought to be a boy is now confirmed a girl after laying about 6 eggs this Xmas period and has plucked her back and chest feathers. She has done this for the past 3 years or so but not layed that many eggs. During this time she is so obsessed with me like she wants to mate. I’m thinking I should get her a boy friend. She is about 12.

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